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How We Got Here

Since establishing in 2022, Limitless Inventories have been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. With 18 plus years in the property business in particular lettings, it is our knowledge and standard of excellence in this industry that has provided us with the opportunity to grow into the business that we are today. 
For more information about the products and services we provide, please do read on.

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Inventory Reports

An inventory is compiled once a property is in the condition you wish it to be let in, upon the start of a new tenancy.  This report includes the property's condition and all contents that are to be included in the tenancy agreement. Our reports are clear and detailed, they include the condition of walls, ceilings, paint work, furniture and appliances to name a few, as well as the general cleanliness and its decorative order, all with backed up photographic evidence.

A comprehensive inventory will also identify prior to the move in -

That the security of the property is adequate, locks are in working order as well as window locks (where applicable) and that keys are present. Fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are present in relevant areas and tested for power. 

Blind safety regulations are being followed, blind cord safety devices are present (where applicable)

Furniture and furnishings are compliant with fire safety regulations and that

bathrooms etc are free of mould/damp.

Check-In Reports

A check-in report is compiled at the time of move in. The process comprises of us meeting and welcoming the new tenant/s. The inventory is checked, tenant/s taken around the property, where we outline fire alarms,

meters and water stop points, followed by keys being released. 

Check-Out Reports

This report can be compiled once a tenancy is up, when the tenant/s move out all of their belongings. It is often the most valuable and important aspect of a tenancy term. Once keys are handed  to the clerk, tenant/s are not required to be present and may leave at this point. A re-inspection is then complete, and meter readings are taken. This also includes the standard of cleanliness of the property and any items that may be missing (Comparing the current state of condition and any changes to the previous original inventory if completed previously by ourselves) Otherwise issues observed are documented and reported for your observation. 

Interim Inspections 

Mid-term visits are arranged during tenancies.  Managing the property in a structured fashion throughout the tenancy is recommended, they are not meant to be intrusive only set up in order to report that the landlord's investment is being maintained.  These are particularly useful in order to feel rest assured that the property is being well looked after and up kept. Their purpose is to identify any possible problems, mistreatment or damage which may of arisen since occupancy, that may not of been previously reported.  Therefore potentially eliminating further damage, issues arising to your property which may incur more of a cost to rectify. 

These visits can be arranged to suit your requirements at appropriate intervals, typically in quarterly or every 6 month intervals. 

Above Reports

Once complete our reports are sent out digitally to all parties -  agent, landlord and tenant's, who ever the booking instructor wishes us to.   Our system alerting us once signed, enabling us to then keep the booking instructor up to date on its agreement progress. 

All parties will then have 7 days from the date of receipt to forward on any additional comments should they feel it necessary, with photographic evidence.

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Turn Around

We aim to issue Inventory reports in-between 24-72 hr turnaround, depending on the size and level of furnishing in the property. 

Check-in/out and Mid-term reports are aimed to be sent if not upon completion of inspection, within 24hrs. 

We are always happy to try and facilitate last minute bookings, so get in touch and we will try our best to prioritise you.



South East London

Other areas may be considered, please feel free to get in touch. 

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FAQ Section

It's important to us that our customers feel fully informed and confident when working with us, so we’ve made a list of questions you may find useful in requiring further information.  Please browse through, and if you have any questions that are not included here, feel free to reach out to us today.

Why are inventory and midterm reports required?

Inventories are in place to protect both tenants and landlords 

Without a good inventory detailing the property's condition and contents, whether a property is to be let furnished or non furnished, it is still of great importance.  Should you need to make a claim on the deposit, you would not have evidence to show any damage's that may of occurred during that tenancy. 

These reports include the condition of the contents, fittings and fixtures and their condition, the property's condition and cleanliness. These possibly eliminating an possible disputes should they arise upon completion of the tenancy.

Mid term reports are imperative should you wish to monitor the condition of your property/furniture, fittings and fixtures that are being provided within your agreed let. It ensures a level of piece of mind, that not only is your property being up kept but also any arisen issues are being communicated, therefore enabling you to deal with them as soon as possible, rather than them potentially resulting in more costly issues in the future. 

What is the benefit for a landlord?

By getting an inventory it ensures that your property is meeting all the necessary legal requirement's it should be in, in order for tenants to live comfortably and safely within your property. 
It also ensures that once a check-out is complete and compared in comparison to the inventory any discrepancies are noted, should you need to claim any costs towards rectifying or paying for anything,this then enables you to provide the evidence clearly upfront.  Knowing the standard of the property at the start of the tenancy also helps to set clear expectations of the maintenance required by the tenant.

What is the benefit for the tenant?

As it is not a legal requirement to provide an inventory a landlord may not wish to have one complied.  If they do not provide one it may be within your interest to do so, as a means of protecting your holding deposit, should any discrepancies arise.

Can an inventory report be complete after a tenant has moved in?

Although an inventory can be compiled once a tenant moves into a property, ideally it is advised to get one done before a tenant/s are due to. Not only does this make the process much more straight forward, it also ensures that all details are more accurately documented. Also by booking in with us within a reasonable time frame, it will enable us to have the report present upon check-in to go through and handed over to your tenant. 
We understand on occasion a last minute request may arise, therefore we are always more than happy to help if we can. Please note and understand this may be noted on the report.

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Why do I need a third party inventory report rather than doing it myself?

As tempting as saving money by doing your own inventory report is, be aware that reports are evidence based, an adjudictor will not see this as independent or fair representation of the damages. Having a professional inventory provider conduct your report will stand up in a court providing you with the unbiased evidence you need. Don't take chances, our experience has shown us how valuable these services can be!

Are inventories a legal requirement?

Inventories are reports that accurately describe the condition of a rental property, so they can be used to access claims for damages at the end of a tenancy.  Tenancy inventory checks are widely used and recommended, but not legally required.

Do you have a customer referral program?

We offer incentives to new and existing clients, directly with estate agents and independent agents to landlords alike ....
So get in touch to see how we can work together!

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Services -

                     Inventory                  Inventory/Check-in              Check-out  

STUDIO            £85*                               £120                                    £55

1 BED               £100*                             £135                                    £60

2 BED               £110*                             £145                                    £65

3 BED               £130*                             £165                                    £70

4 BED               £150*                             £185                                    £75

5+ BED             £165*                             £200                                   £80


HMOs-  Quotes upon request

Interim Inspections - Range between £45- 75 per property.  Quotes upon request. 

* Terms and conditions

- Above inventory priced as unfurnished. (Unfurnished includes white goods) 

Furnished properties incur an additional charge of £20, heavily furnished may incur extra costs.

- Additional rooms such as en-suite, bathrooms, garages etc will be charged at £10 extra per room.

Parking charges where applicable. 

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Get in Touch

Limitless Inventories is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

07436467494 Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat/Sun Text-Email Communication Preferred

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“ Having rented out property for over 20 yrs, I would thoroughly recommend Teresa of Limitless Inventories. Having an inventory carried out before a tenant moves in and when they are moving out is well worth it, and Limitless are excellent at what they do every time professional and thorough in my opinion. 

Limitless has so far carried out over 10 inventories their reports have always been comprehensive and the attention to detail is through. Typically, the layout of the reports I find easy to read and understand with lots of pictures to back up the text. Indeed, anyone that was not familiar with the property would find the same. In my experience inventories have always been cost effective, I have less damage to the property as having read and signed the inventory and been given a copy the tenant is aware of its contents and so takes better care of their rented home,”

Emsal - Landlord

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Limitless inventories on several occasions now.  Their service is fast, efficient, incredibly accurate and professional.  I fully trust the service provided by Teresa and this ensures my landlords and tenants have a clear starting point on every letting.  I won’t hesitate in recommending this service to any of my clients, friends or family"!

"Using Limitless Inventories is always a breath of fresh air, I trust the inventories to be fully specific for each property visited. We find their reports to be clear and concise.  Teresa is always very accommodating and helpful. She is always happy to help in any way that is required and very helpful with our tenants on check-ins and any follow-ups with midterm visits. I highly recommend her company to other local letting agents and landlords. Thank you for your continued support"

Mehmet Bayram
I AM Real Estate - Director 

"As a new landlord I am pleased with the professional efficient service provided by Teresa at Limitless Inventories. Teresa was very responsive and I would highly recommend her services. The report she produced was clear, comprehensive and included many photos with such attention to detail, I have no doubt that the management of my property will now be in her capable hands. Her partnership of services also played an invaluable part in my property progression journey. From letting out my flat through I AM Real Estate, referrals of removal and cleaning services, to also utilising their buyers agent services"

Simona Castagno - Landlord

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